Atlas Real Estate is a division of Jabal Heed that gives excellent real estate development opportunity to investors who wish to invest in Oman’s budding real estate and property market. Atlas customers have the promise and reassurance that not only are their investments safe and secure, but they will also get excellent returns on their investments.

In real estate development, Atlas Real Estate is a visionary looking beyond today’s world to determine what buildings will be needed and where tomorrow; it seeks out opportunities to transform concepts into reality and in the process helps in the healthy and planned growth of our communities and our nation.

Atlas Real Estate welcomes collaborative alliances with local and overseas real estate development investors interested in capitalising on Oman’s growing and profitable real estate market, whether to invest in lands, buildings, or developing real estate right from land acquisition through to building conception, design, construction and ownership. We offer a full turnkey service for investors and are pleased to partner in a variety of investments whether the size is small, medium or large.