It takes about a half of an hour drive to traverse the 80 km stretch of coastline along the Arabian Gulf from Muscat to Quriyat and to Jabal Heed’s upcoming Quriyat Hotel & Beach Resort. Roughly an equal amount of time is taken driving in the opposite direction from Quriyat to Qalhat and Sur. With these new roads projects which have come up on each side, the area is poised for a quantum leap in terms of tourism and business.

The name Quriyat is the plural for the word Qariya meaning village in the Arabic language. This place is a fascinating medley of history, heritage and high-adventure all waiting for you to savour and rediscover. Access to a number of archaeological, ecological and environmental sites along the Quriyat-Sur belt will be a lot easier now. These include amongst others, Bibi Mariam’s Tomb, Fins Beach, Turtle Beach, Wadi Shab, Tiwi Beach, Wadi Tiwi, Wadi Dayqah and the Bamma Sink Hole.

For those who want to experience the real adrenalin rush, dune-bashing on the Sharqiyah sands is the recommended thing. In any direction you look you can find dramatic landscapes and cool fun.

Quriyat has an exciting array of breathtaking sights for leisure travellers – craggy and rugged mountains in varying shades of brown dotted with scrub and brush vegetation here and there. In olden times it was a thriving, bustling port. The village folk are adept at traditional handicrafts, part of their cultural heritage coming down the ages.

The area has several forts and strongholds including – Quriyat Fort, built some 200 years ago, Daghmar Fort, built during the Portuguese occupation and As Sirrah Fort that stands on the coast. Both along the coast and inland there are many natural beauty spots. By now we’re quite sure you see what we mean when we say we’re Building Destinations.