Jabal Heed offers investment opportunities in its hotel, real estate and related business ventures.

Oman’s open, liberal, pro-business regulatory climate combine with its stability, wealth, comfortable lifestyle and strategic geopolitical location to make it the most attractive investment location for business enterprise in the region.

The boom in the construction, real estate and tourism sectors has grown from Oman’s strategic planning and steady economic growth which have weathered the recent challenges in the global economy.  

Reasons to invest in Oman

  • Pro-business regulatory climate;
  • Continuously evolving legislative environment which encourages enterprise and foreign investment;
  • Reliable and efficient infrastructure that includes transport, telecommunications and support services that are comparable to the best in the world;
  • Politically stable;
  • Economically sound;
  • Environmentally conscious;
  • Thriving and growing tourism industry with a myriad of tourist attractions;
  • Cosmopolitan and comfortable lifestyle;  
  • Low tax on profits and no personal income tax;
  • Flexible tax system allowing exemption on profits on various foreign investment projects for 5 years;
  • No restrictions on capital repatriation;
  • No foreign exchange controls;
  • Access to capital from a well-organized private banking sector which provides a wide range of financial services and credit facilities to investors;
  • Member of the WTO & Free Trade Agreement with the USA, amongst others.