We offer construction services of the highest quality and value, delivered by our team of professionals committed to excellence. Jabal Heed has completed a wide array of construction and auxiliary projects, ranging from high-end and stylish residential units and complexes to sprawling and imposing commercial complexes, besides industrial, civil and institutional facilities.

Stress on cost-effective quality, execution and timely delivery have been the company’s hallmark and signature style of functioning. Our driving force is our experience and expertise, capability, reliability, precision and workmanship. Meticulous care and perfection in everything we do have helped to give Jabal Heed the winning edge, taking it to the forefront of the construction business. There aren’t many who can come anywhere near our standards of quality in the construction business, making the name Jabal Heed synonymous with excellence.

In all our construction projects, we foster an environment of teamwork, not only within our organisation, but also throughout our external team of project participants: from the client to consultants and subcontractors, to architects, engineers and suppliers.

Some of our prestigious projects include:

  • Multi-storey commercial complexes
  • Multi-storey residential apartment complexes
  • High end residential villas and villa compounds with swimming pools
  • International institutional and research facilities
  • Various types of industrial buildings
  • Masjids with ornamental design works
  • Infrastructural works
  • Refurbishment