Our primary objective as we move ahead is to maximize the value of our assets in all our business divisions so as to create a stimulating environment for business growth, investment and job opportunities.

Our aim is to enrich the communities we serve by building for their tomorrow. Underpinning our mission will be our reputation for reliance, excellence and value in all that we do.

Jabal Heed’s vision is all about Building Tomorrow Today.

We envisage bringing our clients closer to and in touch with tomorrow by seeking out opportunities to transform concepts into reality and building for their tomorrow now.

Our vision recognises that the future is here and now and tomorrow is what we make of today.

Reliance, Excellence and Value in all that we do embody our relationships with our stakeholders. These Core Values on which the Company operates define our professional reputation:

Reliance, Excellence and Value in:
Our Performance
Our People
Our Social Responsibility
Our Partnerships
Our Health and Safety
Our Investments

We firmly believe in the power of integrated, collaborative efforts, and we work closely alongside our professional partners to promote a productive, team-oriented, dynamism, focussed not only on quality and value but also on health, safety and security which along with care for the environment goes hand-in-hand with everything else.

Indeed, Jabal Heed is proud to have a clear LTI record, all because each one of us takes special care to ensure and promote an atmosphere committed to maintaining the highest standards in HSSE.

Jabal Heed is committed to continuously satisfying its clients through achieving the highest standards of quality in every aspect of its business without compromise and is currently in the process of implementing ISO 9001:2008.

Furthermore, the welfare of Jabal Heed’s manpower is enshrined in our principle to care for our workforce, the backbone of our Company. The success of our highly competitive compensatory benefits, health and welfare packages and programmes is reflected in the loyalty shown by our staffers and the long and continued years of service they have put in for the Company.